Turkish Stationery Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish stationery, Turkey stationery manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality stationery from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

F.D OYUN HAMURU PLAY DOUGH        Türkiye     faruk doğan    
s stationery, toys, play dough
SAHRA KITAP KIRTASIYE TEKNOLOJI OYUNCAK        Türkiye     Sahra Kitap Kırtasiye Teknoloji Oyuncak Hobi    
s stationery, books, toys, hobby equipment, wood painting
NDT ORGANIZASYON        Türkiye     Semiha Serbest    
s stationery
GIPTA OFIS-KIRTASIYE A.S.        Türkiye     Yavuz GÜLER    
s stationery, stationery products, stationery materials, crayon, bouncing dough, face painting pen, super model set, watercolor, silvery adhesive, pastel, play dough, corrugated cardboard, blue glue sticks, scissors, hairdressing set, crepe paper, patterned crepe paper, gel crayon, transparent duct tape, paint coat, snaps file, double-sided tape, file drawers, staples, adhesive, pen, staple, presentation file, colored calculator stand, office garbage pail, office desk set, note paper
MIRZAEI PETROL A.S.        Türkiye     Hossein MIRZAEI    
s renewable energy, aviation, automotive, food, energy production, tourism, leather industry, transportation, sports equipment, paint, computer, tent, durable consumption, pine, heating cooling and natural gas systems, elevator, spice nuts, security systems, light sound systems, beverage, construction materials, live animal, beauty salons and cosmetics, shoe, printing press and paper, agricultural products, textile, cleaning services, medical instruments, mining, construction, candle, oil, home textile, hardwares, stationery, gifts, jewelry, furniture manufacturing, cultivated mushroom, plastic and rubber, advertising and organization, hotel restaurants and entertainment places, carpet kilim, insulation and insulation materials, radio and television, construction related laboratory works, yarn and ginning plants, silversmithing
ALFA GLOBAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan ÜNVER    
s goretex, clothes, dress, string, suit, curtain, outfit, textile, had, foulard, work clothes, uniform, leather, wear, pijamas, home, curtain, waterproof, safety, towels, cotton, polar, bag, fashion, polyester, sportive, iron, shirt, pant, accessory, cement, ceramic, marbels, aliminium, stanless, wooden, wall, decoration, plumbing, paint, electrical, electronic, mechanic, pipe, poliuretan, spare, parts, tools, machine, energy, stationery, product, item, building, roof, sealing, fabric, gloves, cable, socks, underware, jacket, coat, out, isolation, parquet, styrofoam, equipment, outdoor, patientdress, medical, child, baby, office, rent, airplane, aircraft, hand, paper, kids, woman, man, lamp, light, pen, sheetrock, wallboard, streech, case, badclothes, nuts, hijab, furniture, plastic, carton, laboratory, play, steel, defense, worksafety, cap, plug, pin, wire, button, led, row material, auto parts, waterproof, laboratory
BERAS SUPER PAPER ENTERPRISE        Malezya     Michelle Chung    
s a4 paper, copy paper, office paper, stationery, office paper
ODAK KIRTASIYE PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Gülcan    
s adhesive, calculator, copy paper, diary, file folders, flags, stationery, stationery products, office, office supplies, stationery equipment, stationery product, stationery equipments, office equipments, office materials, key chains, notepad, paper, pen, pencil, play dough
UMUR BASIM VE KIRTASIYE A.S.        Türkiye     .. ...    
s stationery
MERT KIRTASIYE        Türkiye     subutay mert    
s calculator, copy paper, office products, paper, paper cup, pen, printer, school products, stationery
ELIT ITH. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yakup Levent    
s play dough, licenced play dough, toys, barbie play dough, hot wheels play dough, sponge bob play dough, dora play dough, ninja turtles play dough, marsupilami play dough, educational toy, play dough set, stationery, sponge bob play dough
ATALAYLAR KIRTASIYE        Türkiye     coşkun ünverdi    
s stationery
s stationery
TEKIN OZALIT A.S.        Türkiye     METİN Özbay    
s stationery equipment, stationery, school supplies, school stationery materials, backpacks, schoolbags, books, teaching materials, pinboards, corkboards, catalogue, brochure, signboards, awnings, tarpaulin, cork boards, stands, stand products, copying, office supplies, computer supplies, filing systems, paper group, signboard, awning, vehicle wraps, designs, educational supplies, keychains, flags, cd boxes, brackets, calculator, paper products, office stationery, badge, double-sided tape, masking tape, camera, tape dispenser, blackboards, printer, computer supplies, cork board, blackboard, school staionery items, writing items, digital printing and printing services, transfer printing and frames, posters of ataturk, school stationery, baffle plates, artistic materials, tabletop necessities, cover systems, stationery machine and devices, office consumables, sticking papers, colored paper, band machine, professionel document holder, padfolio, armed pencil sharpener, rulers, letter tray, colored ruler, drawing set and bevel and miter and compasses, pencil box types, mause ped wrist supported, laptop support, screen cleaner spray, screen cleaner hankey, computer folder, card album, flexibled and snapped file, tile wire spirals, fax machine, foam tape, drawing paper, pastel and dry color, pencil and duster types, a4 painted copying paper, sketch papers, lunch-box, project bag big boy, school bags lightened, caillou bags, pencil box scaled, project bag small, book and novel types, colored ball-pen, markers, blackboard eraser and board marker, contour pen, ball-pen, political and physical map, driving licence and card coating, labeller
SPEED-PRESS        Çekya     Vojtech Dyrc    
s import, export, giftware, textile, promotional items, stationery, export, import
s stationery, stationery products, glassware, tableware, electronic products, toys, toys for kids, hardwares, hardware, gifts, books, journals
FITOFIS        Türkiye     Anıl Özdemir    
s calculater, office, office products, paper, pen, printer, school products, stationery
TWOS        Etiyopya     Tewodros Ayalew    
s stationery, accessories, household products, toys, decorations, tools, stationery products, office, office supplies, stationery equipment, stationery product, stationery equipments, office equipments, office materials, pet supplies, pharmacy
SAMUE STATIONERY        Çin     Andy Xu    
s stationery, stationery product, stationery products, notebook, pu notebook
NEMA BASIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Enver ŞAHİN    
s printing, label, box, boxes, package, packets, packing, food packaging, cosmetic packaging, brochure, brochures, labeling, product labeling, bottle label, textile label, food label, jar labels, cosmetic label, plastic label, catalog, catalogs, product catalog, product catalogs, business card, flier, transparent business card, magazine printing, offset printing press, private business card, banner, posters, banner printing, poster, poster printing, promotional products, diary, presentation file, calendar, book, medicine chest, letterhead, wine label, paint label, invitation printing, pocket file file, wedding invitation, cigarette label, covered file, private office products, corporate office supplies, stationery, stationery products, stationery material