Turkish Punches Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish punches, Turkey punches manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality punches from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

s surgical instruments, sterile containers, wire basket, silicon mats, container accessories, hostipal clogs, family physicians surgical sets, set, medical set, medical sets, perforated baskets, surgery, scissors, forceps, clamp, heamostatic, histerectomy, sponge, pens, needle holder, retractor, specela, nose, speculum, curette, elevators, biopsy, thoracic, raspatories, lung, spatulas, drills, hooks, punches, rongeurs, bone levers, bone, files, rasps, mallets, osteotomes, chisels, gouges, distract, container accessories
BSA MAKINE INSAAT BILGISAYAR TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     serhat alkan    
s cnc machines, aluminum machinery, pvc machinery, punches, bending machines, heat insulation, auto pro warehouse, bending machines
TELMAKSAN TEL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hasan GÜREL    
s aluminum, aluminium, metal, metal products, wire, wires, aluminuim wire, aluminius wires, metals, wirse, aluminum wire, aluminum wires, steel rollers, steel reel, aluminum products, aluminum product, alloy wire, alloy wires, screw, screws, screw products, rivets, rivet, nail, nails, spring products, punches, punche, hangers, hanger, tea bags, tea bag, double rim reels, double rim reel, single rim reel, single rim reels, plain flanged rollers, corded reel, cable reels, cable reel, rope, ropes, steel rope, steel ropes
MAKROWAL AUTOMATION LTD.        Çin     andy lin    
s drafting film, punches, manual bend machine, tool blade punching machine, jogging jig saw machine, die ejection rubber, die making
THEMPSON SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS        Türkiye     Yakup Dikme    
s atrauma, atrauma forceps, biopsy forceps, clamp, containers, cranioclast, curettes, delicate scissors, elevators, forcep, forceps, hooklets, kerrison punches, laryngoscope handles, lucas curettes, micro neuro scissors, needles, neurosurgical scissors, pelvimeters, punches, raspatories, retractors, speculum, sterilization containers, sterilizing forceps, tonsil, trocars
CRUIZE EXPORTS        Hindistan     Rajesh Kumar    
s automobile tools, carpenter tools, clamps, garden tools, hacksaws, hobby tools, leather tool aprons belts, lubricating items, machine tools, mason tools, measuring tools, pipe cutting tools, pliers, pullers, punches, spanners, tweezers, vices, watch tools, wrenches
DELTA BURO GERECLERI TIC. SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Lale Kaplan ŞAHİNLER    
s office materials, office products, office tools, stationeries, stationers, stationer products, stationer materials, stapler, staplers, paper clips, calendar bases, stamp holders, staple removers, stationery product sets, punches, office type staplers, stands, hanger boxes, heavy duty staplers, staples, staple, heavy duty staples, stapler machines, pneumatic stapler machines, brad machines, pneumatic brad machines, hand tackers, brads, tackers, office material, stationery, punch, stand, office product, paper clip, stamp holder, staple remover, stapler machine, office tool, stationer, stationer product, stationer material, calendar base, stationery product set, office type stapler, hanger box, heavy duty stapler, heavy duty staple
SANTECH SAN. TEKN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdulkadir OKCUR    
s fasteners, fixings, heading machines, cold heading machines, warm heading machines, threadrolling machines, carbide tool machines, wire drawer uncoilers, uncoilers, industrial packaging machines, industrial washing machines, washing machines, packaging machines, packing machines, cold heading tools, trimming dies, punches, wire handling accessories, wire handling equipments, sorting machines, inspection machines, fastener, fixing, heading machine, cold heading machine, warm heading machine, thre, wire drawing machines, punch, uncoiler, straightening machines, sorting machine, thread rolling dies, threadrolling machine, carbide tool machine, wire drawer uncoiler, cold heading tool, trimming die, wire handling accessory, wire handling equipment, inspection machine, carbide tooling, second punches, fastener and fixing, bolt and screw, 12 lobe punches, screw packing machines, bolt making machines, 6 lobe punches, rewinders
CASSA OFIS GERECLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Emre H. YENİDOĞAN    
s stationery, office, folder, packing tires, filing and archiving pens, erasers, pens and writers, clips, desktop utensils, punches, punches and punches, measuring instruments, drawing tools, office materials, office tools
BUGRA PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Onurhan ÖREL    
s stationery, stationery products, school stationery, school stationery products, note card sets, paper clips, sticker sets, greeting cards, adhesive products, card holders, books, holders, clip boards, lever arch files, clip files, conference files, staplers, punches, staple removers, stamp holders, calendar bases, desktop sets, stands, office type staples, hanger boxes, blisters, copy paper, a4 copy paper, a5 copy paper, a3 copy paper, organizer, agenda, notebook, notepad, briefcase, pencil, plastic pen
NANOTECH KESICI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Furkan Daş    
s aluminum, aluminium, cutlery, punches, molds, micro fine blanking, steel, fin molds, industrial fin dies, die punches, fin dies, slit dies, die punch, corner cuts, louvers, center notchings, slot staples, square staples, pipe cutters, pipe bending mandrels, collets, cutting blades
s construction material, construction materials, decoration material, decoration materials, bands, mask glass, hand tools, pipe scales, slot machine, glassware, gloves, power tools, diamond drill bits, reamers, gas cutler, welding tools, air products, hardware, compressors, chucks, tweezers, sheet shears, water scales, carpenter views, wire brush, saws, punches, lathe mirror, lubricaiton equipment, raincoats
AGT AHSAP SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s adhesives, paints, shears, pad, paperclips and raptors, notebooks, modelist notebooks, office supplies, coloring books, m days, versatile and, tapes, band machines, stapler machines, staple wire, flutes and melodies, punches, catalog files, student supplies, fine pen pens, carton pens, wooden pencils, folders, pens, sticky note paper, cd items, price tags and machine, phosphorescent markers, compasses, transparencies, correction devices, memory book, hand paper, bellows files, business card albums, laminate machine, pens, staple wire, transparencies
YENER KALIP SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s punches, dies, steel coating, heat treatment
TEK METAL A.S.        Türkiye         
s engineering, machine, mechanical parts, perforating tubes, punches, prickers
CEYDAK TEKSTIL KALIP MAKINA A.S.        Türkiye     Kemal Kutay CAN    
s cam units, die mold components, mold components, injection mold components, guiding elements, guide pillars, headed guide bushes, guide bushes, oilless guide bushes, clamps, guide bush clamps, guide post sets, sliding pads, v guides, l guides, removable die heels, centering, die lifting bolts, lifting brackets, pad retainer pins, air pins, gages, spring plungers, slide stop blocks, spacer tubes, washers, keys, shoulder screws, ped retainers, bad hole closes, retainer bolts, lifters, urethane springs, steel springs, punches, die buttons, die sets, gas springs, self-lubricating guide elements, guide posts, h-cam units, cam unit, die mold component, mold component, injection mold component, guiding element, guide pillar, headed guide bush, guide bush, oilless guide bush, clamp, guide bush clamp, guide post set, sliding pad, v guide, l guide, removable die heel, centerin, die lifting bolt, lifting bracket, pad retainer pin, air pin, gage, spring plunger, slide stop block, spacer tube, washer, key, shoulder screw, ped retainer, bad hole close, retainer bolt, lifter, urethane spring, steel spring, punch, die button, die set, gas spring, self-lubricating guide element, guide post, h-cam unit, guide bushes, guide pillar, cam unit